1. Penance
    Peace Of Mind

  2. Time To Heal
    Time To Heal

  3. True Chill
    Vlada Ina

  4. Seeds Of Evil

  5. An Infernal Affinity
    Hollow Truth - Deathtrap

  6. Powertrip Records Mixtape #1
    DJ Spice 23

  7. Unrelenting Force
    Guilt Trip

  8. Gaze Into An Abyss
    Peace Of Mind

  9. Facing The Truth
    Eat Me fresh

  10. Swamps "mentally imprisoned" LP

  11. Lowest Creature "ride through the battlefield"
    Lowest Creature

  12. Wildflower "demo" 7inch

  13. Losing End "devil's advocate"
    Losing End

  14. Soulground (split with Tides Denied)

  15. Peace Of Mind "s/t"
    Peace Of Mind

  16. Winter 2015.2016 (Sampler)

  17. World Weary "Life As We Know It" 7inch
    World Weary

  18. Guns Up! "2002-2007" Discography
    Guns Up!

  19. Mental Refuse "demo 2015" 7inch
    Mental refuse

  20. Benchpress "controlled by death" 12inch

  21. Demonwomb "s/t"

  22. Hollow Truth "the war economy" 7inch
    Hollow Truth

  23. Sike "kiev 2015" 7inch

  24. Hollow Truth / Hardships "split" Tape
    Hollow Truth / Hardships

  25. World Weary / Crosscheck "split"

  26. Gone To Waste "barking dogs don't bite"

  27. The Dull Eyes "titanomachy"

  28. Free Will "where the rats feed"

  29. Cold Reality "no escape"
    Cold Reality

  30. Hollow Truth "the power to endure"

  31. In Circles "rêverie cult" 7inch
    In Circles

  32. Abyss A.D. "demons"

  33. Reapers Path "vicious cycle"
    Reapers Path

  34. Gone To Waste "the one who light the fire"

  35. Eisberg "tape 2013"

  36. Demonwomb "cursed"

  37. Straight Hate "no escape" 7inch
    Straigh Hate

  38. Light It Up "state of mind" 7inch
    Light It Up

  39. Coldburn "demo" Tape

  40. Cheap Thrills "arrival" 7inch
    Cheap Thrills (r.i.p.)

  41. The Realness "promo" Tape
    The Realness (r.i.p.)

  42. Feeding Time "void" 7inch
    Feeding Time


Powertrip Records Leipzig, Germany

Powertrip Records is a indipendent label based in germany/europe.
our aim is to support bands we like and put out high quality records both sound wise and touchwise... we like heavy packaging and solid artwork.
download stuff if you wanna support us or visit our website to purchase merch and records! www.powertriprecords.com
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